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This Month’s Features

Subgingival Endoscopic Visualization and Treating Peri-Implantitis

The use of the dental endoscope in nonsurgical treatment of peri-implantitis can improve patient outcomes.

Strategies for Implant Maintenance

Regular monitoring of peri-implant tissues is key to the long-term success of implant therapy.

Creating an Ergonomic Workspace

Oral health professionals need to pay close attention to ergonomics to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and ensure quality of life.

Semantics of Dental Terminology

Oral health professionals should consider using terminology that facilitates better chronic oral disease management.

Continuing Education

CE Sponsored by Church & Dwight: Achieving PH Neutralization

Optimal pH levels help support remineralization and maintain homeostasis in the oral microbiome.

Effects of Mastication on Cognitive Health

Research demonstrates that masticatory disfunction may also be a risk factor for dementia.

Identifying and Addressing Ankyloglossia

Dental hygienists should be prepared to recognize tongue-tie and provide education and referrals to improve oral function.

The Safe and Effective Use of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

This three-dimensional technology offers many advantages but oral health professionals need to be well versed in its indications and technique to use it safely.


Editor’s Note

Kombucha: The ‘Champagne of Life?’

I have several friends who swear by kombucha.

Ask the Expert

How Can I Prevent/Relieve Contact Dermatitis?

I do not wear latex gloves but still have contact dermatitis. What should I do to relieve itchy/pain and how do I prevent it?

Products and Services

September 2019 Marketplace for Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.

ProGuard™ Fluoride Varnish by Crosstex

Big Benefits for Both Clinicians and Patients

OraCoat® XyliMelts® and XyliGel® by Quest Products LLC

Dry Mouth Solutions for Effective Relief.

Armor™ Air/Water Syringe Tip + Sleeve Combo by Pac-Dent Inc

A Simple, One-Step Operation

Pivot® Plus Spiral Cup Disposable Prophy Angles by Preventech

Everything You Need in a Disposable Prophy Angle.

Newsline + Industry Info

Published Author Shares Her Dental Hygiene Story

When Laura M. Baird, RDH, left for college, she admittedly had little direction.

Continuing Education Article Focuses on the Role of Oral PH in Remineralization

Maintaining a neutral oral pH can be accomplished through diet and therapeutic agents, a regimen that can promote remineralization and help prevent or reverse caries lesions.

Oral Pathogens May Help Trigger Stroke Events

Researchers at Tampere University in Finland have found the presence of DNA from oral pathogens in the cerebral emboli of stroke patients, signifying the possible adverse effects of suboptimal oral health.

September 2019 Top Brand Ambassadors

Each month, Newsline will feature some of our most active Dimensions of Dental Hygiene’s Brand Ambassadors.


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