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Learn about the unique challenges clinicians face in treating periodontally involved furcations and effective strategies for optimal patient outcomes.


  • Nicole Fortune, RDH, MBA
  • Melissa A. Obrotka, BA, RDH, ICP
  • Timothy J. Hempton, DDS

Perio Articles

Harness the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Discover the transformative potential of AI in dental practice, from enhancing clinical documentation to revolutionizing diagnostic image analysis.

The Power of Mouthrinses

Chemotherapeutic mouthrinses, when paired with good oral hygiene practices, can effectively manage a range of dental conditions.

The Role of Cone-Beam Imaging in Periodontics

This modality has a variety of indications — from implant planning and placement to periodontal disease management.

Periodontal Maintenance

When I was in school and a patient presented with one or two quadrants of localized periodontal disease, we treated those areas and then continued the patient as a prophylaxis. I have colleagues who keep patients on a prophy only if they had one quadrant of localized scaling and root planing What is the protocol for assigning a patient to periodontal maintenance?

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