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  • Nicole Fortune, RDH, MBA
  • Melissa A. Obrotka, BA, RDH, ICP
  • Timothy J. Hempton, DDS

Perio Articles

Removing Burnished Calculus

Calculus location, instrument selection, and indications for use are considerations for removal of these tenacious deposits.

Treatment Considerations for Patients With a History of Head and Neck Radiation Therapy

Although treatment of this patient population can be difficult, oral health professionals who provide high-quality care and collaborate interprofessionally with the multidisciplinary oncology team will have the most successful outcomes.

Expanding Applications for Dental Implants

Older adults with many medical conditions can take advantage of recent advances in oral healthcare, including implant therapy.

Anatomy of Instrument Design and Selection

Choosing the best instrument for the task at hand requires knowledge of the available armamentarium.

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