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Managing Oral Complications of Cancer Treatment

The management of patients with cancer before, during, and after treatment presents challenges for oral health professionals. Patients usually present with findings that are either directly related to their cancer (such as leukemia-induced…

Caries Prevention 411

Early childhood caries (ECC) is a multifactorial disease with etiological factors being enamel hypoplasia, elevated levels of cariogenic bacteria, and the metabolism of fermentable carbohydrates, which produce acid to demineralize teeth.

Revamping the Delivery of Oral Health Care

When envisioning the future of the dental therapy profession, all of its moving parts need to be considered. Significant changes to the United States’ dental health care delivery system are on the horizon.

The Invisible Danger in Aerosol Production

Many respiratory infections have been linked to the microbial inhabitants of the oral cavity. Dental procedures that use low- and high-speed handpieces, laser or electrosurgery units, ultrasonic scalers, air polishers, prophy angles, hand…

Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills

Dentistry is a people-focused profession, in which good communication skills are essential. Patient care requires effective communication to assess and accurately address a patient’s chief complaint, triage emergencies, establish a common…