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This Month’s Features

Moving Toward Patient Concordance With Shared Decision Making

When the patient-clinician relationship is established and shared decision making is incorporated, patients are well prepared to meet their oral healthcare goals.

Reduce Dental Aerosols

Use of silver diamine fluoride and the atraumatic restorative technique can help minimize aerosols during dental procedures.

Continuing Education

Noting the Oral Signs of Tuberculosis

In light of expanding globalization and drug resistance, the resurgence of tuberculosis in some regions increases the possibility of infected individuals presenting for dental care—thus the need to recognize the disease’s oral manifestations.

Oral Health Considerations for Geographic Tongue

Dental professionals should be aware of the clinical features, etiology and pathogenesis, treatment, and oral health considerations for this unique pathosis.

Strategies for Treating Tongue Tie

A multidisciplinary approach to treating ankyloglossia may potentially improve function and quality of life for affected patients.

Addressing Xerostomia in Patients Undergoing Treatment For Head and Neck Cancer

Educating patients on protective oral measures can help this patient population maintain their oral health and reduce the negative effects of cancer therapy.


Editor’s Note

Never Stop Searching

As we strive to find conclusions related to this pandemic, one stipulation is clear: we must keep an open mind in order to reach the truth.

Ask the Expert

Reducing Spatter During Prophylaxis

What can I do to reduce the amount of spatter created during prophylaxis?

Products and Services

July 2021 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

The Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Is Honored During Reception

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene celebrated Jane L. Forrest, BSDH, MS, EdD, with The Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award at an in-person reception on June 18 after last year’s celebration was postponed due to the global pandemic.

World Health Organization Declares Oral Health a Global Priority

The World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted a resolution that elevates oral health to a global health priority and calls for member states to integrate oral health within national policies.

July 2021 Social Commentary

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Using Enzymes to Disrupt Dental Caries

Anew enzyme treatment developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) School of Dental Medicine may help keep dental caries at bay.

New Wiki on Human Salivary Proteins May Transform Diagnostic Testing

An article published in the Journal of Dental Research provides a database that curates information on proteins in saliva.

Head and Neck Cancer Cells Hijack Healthy Tissue

University of Michigan School of Dentistry scientists have identified a mechanism by which head and neck cancer cells subvert adjacent normal tissue, allowing small clusters of cancer cells to burrow beneath healthy tissue.

A Passion for Helping Others

I have always had a passion for helping people. Before I knew I wanted to be a dental hygienist, I served as the philanthropy coordinator for my college sorority, and I come from a long line of service hearts.

July 2021 Digital Agenda

Digital Agenda covers all that’s happening under Dimensions’ social media platforms.

Smart Toothbrush Helps Patients Stay Connected

Colgate’s hum electric toothbrush uses smart technology to promote healthier self-care habits.


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