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This Month’s Features

Eliminate Radiographic Retake Exposures for Patients With Special Needs

Altering techniques to obtain diagnostic quality images in all patients—including children and those presenting with challenges—is key to the safe and effective capture of radiographs.

Evidence-Based Strategies for Boosting Remineralization

As dental caries remains a serious public health problem, implementing minimally invasive approaches to addressing caries risk and preventing tooth decay is prudent.

Guest Editorial: Striving to Be Part of the Solution

Illinois dental hygienists are disappointed over their exclusion in COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

Continuing Education

The Role of Oral-Fluid Biomarkers in Diagnosing Oral Diseases

Dental hygienists are uniquely positioned to screen patients for systemic and oral diseases using salivary diagnostics.

Using Silver Diamine Fluoride To Improve the Oral Health of Older Adults

Adult populations at increased caries risk can greatly benefit from SDF application.

Oral Health Strategies for Patients Who Use Medical Cannabis

With cannabis use increasing across the United States, oral health professionals need to be prepared to address the dental needs of this population.

What Every Oral Health Professional Needs To Know About the AAP Classification System

The American Academy of Periodontology’s 2017 classification system presents a step forward in the quest for more accurate and timely periodontal assessment, care, and referral.


Editor’s Note

The Importance of Collaboration

During the past year, we’ve all tried to focus on the “silver linings” found in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ask the Expert

Tips for Upgrading Your Loupes

How do I know when it’s time to upgrade my loupes?

Products and Services

April 2021 Marketplace For Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.

Preprocedural Mouthrinse Mitigates Viral Transmission

EverSmile PreOp Pre-Treatment Rinse.

Newsline + Industry Info

April 2021 Digital Agenda

Digital Agenda covers all that’s happening under Dimensions’ social media platforms.

Penn Dental Opens Transformative Center For Innovation and Precision Dentistry

In a joint effort to transform the future of oral healthcare, the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (Penn Dental) and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have founded the Center for Innovation and Precision Dentistry (CIPD).

April 2021 Social Commentary

Like Dimensions of Dental Hygiene’s Facebook page to share your thoughts on posted questions.

Highlighting the Benefits of Caring for Nursing Home Residents

I have been retired for the past 19 years, but I wanted to share about the last 11 years of my career as a dental hygienist.

Dental Hygienist Takes the Helm of Children’s Public Health Organization

Matt Crespin, MPH, RDH, will lead the Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin as its new executive director.

ADHA to Host Annual Meeting Both In Person and Virtually

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) will host its annual conference in person June 18 to June 20 at the Phoenix Convention Center and Sheraton Phoenix Downtown.

Dimensions’ Corporate Council Member Takes on a New Role

Shannon M. Nanne, RDH, is the new director of professional relations and education for Curaprox.


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