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April 2021 Marketplace For Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.


MadUltrasonics LLC, New York, makes high-quality, prophy-style magnetostrictive ultrasonic inserts. Made by dental hygienists for dental hygienists, the inserts provide excellent performance at low power, maintaining clinicians’ tactile sensitivity while also providing greater comfort for both operators and patients. MadUltrasonics’ long-lasting inserts come in 12 styles, are available in both 25k and 30k, and are compatible with all magnetostrictive units. 914-844-6313;


Kulzer, South Bend, Indiana, introduces Ivory ReLeaf Minis, which can be used with its Ivory ReLeaf hands-free suction system when treating pediatric patients and adult patients with small arches. Ivory ReLeaf is a hands-free high volume evacuator suction solution that assists with evacuation, retraction, and maintaining a dry field during various hygiene and dental procedures. The ReLeaf Mini Leaf, which is approximately 25% smaller than the conventional Leaf but fits the ReLeaf system’s same u-shaped connector, is designed to work comfortably with children, older adults, patients with temporo­mandibular joint disorders, patients with special needs, and those with small arches. ReLeaf Mini refills come in 100-count packages featuring a wide variety of colors.  800-431-1785;


Philips Oral Healthcare, Stamford, Connecticut, offers Philips Zoom Take-Home Whitening Kits, which are fully customizable for every patient’s needs. Patients can choose from DayWhite kits (with hydrogen peroxide) or NiteWhite kits (with carbamide peroxide). Different levels of intensity are an option with both types. Philips Zoom offers a take-home formula with specially designed gels to protect enamel, reduce sensitivity, and help improve tooth luster. The dual-barrel syringe technology keeps ingredients separated until application to deliver the freshest formula each time. 800-422-9448; 


HuFriedyGroup, Chicago, has expanded the Clear Collection Instrument Set with five instruments to enhance the adaptability of clear aligners. The new instruments are designed to make it easier to manipulate invisible aligners without the need for heat. The set includes the Spot, which creates a tiny, rounded dimple for spot contacts to accent small individual tooth movements or added aligner retention; Petite Punch, which cuts a 4.5 mm half-moon cutout in an aligner for relief of the plastic around bonded buttons used for elastics; Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Wedge, which produce indents into the facial and the lingual plastic for the rotational movement of a specific tooth; and Eraser, which reverses or removes unwanted indents. 800-483-7433;


DENTALEZ, Malvern, Pennsylvania, offers the Forest Hands-Free High-Volume Evacuation (HVE) Holder, which enables the user to position it with ease and precision with or without supplemental staff. The HVE design is compatible with most patient chairs and comes with a simple plug-and-play kit that includes everything needed to assemble and use. The HVE is also easy to clean, designed with consideration for increased safety protocol, and for use with common dental practice disinfectants. 866-383-4636;


From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. April 2021;19(4):44.

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