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Improve Your Ergonomics

I have been working in clinical practice for almost 5 years. I am starting to experience pain in my hands, arms, and shoulders. I use loupes and a headlamp. My dentist wants to improve the ergonomics of my operatory. What should I…

Stretch for Pain Relief

I see patients every day from 7:30 am to 4 pm. Lately, I have been experiencing back problems specific to my dominant side, just at the bottom of my scapula. Do you have any suggestions for exercises or stretches that might help?

What Can Be Done to Prevent Shoulder Stiffness?

I have been practicing dental hygiene for 11 years and am right-hand dominant. I try routinely to sit properly, adjust my body throughout the day, and use magnification, yet I suffer from right shoulder stiffness and sometimes pain by the…

How Can I Prevent Wrist Pain?

I have been experiencing sharp, aching pain in my right wrist and arm at seemingly random intervals. The dentist suggested taking ibuprofen, but it doesn't seem to help. How can I prevent this pain from recurring?

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