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This Month’s Features

Risks Vs Benefits

As the legality of nondental providers offering tooth whitening treatment varies by state, dental hygienists are charged with educating patients so they can make informed decisions when considering this common esthetic treatment.

Sterilizing Instruments With Dry Heat

In this Q&A, Chris H. Miller, PhD, explains the process of dry heat sterilization and why it is an important asset to the infection control protocol in the dental setting.

Reduce the Risk of Work-Related Injury

Ergonomic interventions may help dental hygienists protect their musculoskeletal health.

Continuing Education

The Danger Is Real

While hookah smoking is often seen as a safe alternative to other forms of tobacco use, the research says otherwise.

Alternative Anesthesia Techniques

When administering anesthesia to patients with anatomical variations, the Gow-Gates and Vazirani-Akinosi mandibular blocks may provide the best opportunity for successful pain control.

Stop the Cycle of Missed Appointments

Addressing the barriers many patients face when accessing dental care may help reduce the number of broken appointments.

Implementing Dental Hygiene Diagnosis into Practice

This essential part of oral health care ensures that patients receive an effective evaluation and personalized treatment plan.


Editor’s Note

A Moment to Remember 

There are memories that stay with you forever. Many momentous achievements in life, such as the day you graduated from dental hygiene school.

Ask the Expert

Is fluoride varnish contraindicated for patients who have a peanut or tree nut allergy?

Is fluoride varnish contraindicated for patients who have a peanut or tree nut allergy? Some fluoride varnish products list tree rosin as an ingredient.

Products and Services

Product Profile: Big Easy® Implant Inserts by Premier® Dental Products

Power scaler promotes effective implant scaling

Product Profile: MAXmin® with NuFluor® by Preventech

Prophy paste maximizes cleaning, minimizes splatter

Product Profile: Philips Zoom Products by Philips Oral Healthcare

Whitening solutions meet a variety of patient needs

Product Profile: PRG Barrier Coat by Shofu Dental Corp

Varnish reduces dentinal hypersensitivity pain

Newsline + Industry Info

Dimensions Peer Review Member Appointed to National Board

Cynthia Stegeman, EdD, RDH, RD, LD, CDE, FAND, a professor and chair of the Dental Hygiene Department at the University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, is one of eight oral health professionals elected to the National Board Dental Hygiene Component B—Radiology Test Construction Committee within the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations

Industry Info

Oral infection diagnosis and treatment system debuts in the US

Amino Acid May improve Oral Health

Researchers from the University of Michigan (U-M) in Ann Arbor and Newcastle University in England have made a discovery that could significantly impact oral health.

Dimensions Research Grant Winner Named

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene proudly announces that Tara L. Johnson, RDH, PhD, is the inaugural recipient of the Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Research Grant.

CODA Gives OK For Mid-Level Provider Program Accreditation to Begin

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) has adopted standards for programs to educate mid-level dental providers, and on August 7 gave its approval for the accreditation process for dental therapy education programs.


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