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Product Profile: PRG Barrier Coat by Shofu Dental Corp

Varnish reduces dentinal hypersensitivity pain

Patients who experience pain due to dentinal hypersensitivity require relief that is instant and long-lasting. Oral health professionals can rely on Shofu’s PRG Barrier Coat—a light-cured Giomer varnish designed to provide immediate and prolonged relief from the pain of hypersensitivity. PRG Barrier Coat also provides instant comfort to patients experiencing pain associated with gingival recession, newly erupted molars, or decalcified enamel.

This bioactive desensitizer incorporates Shofu’s proprietary Giomer technology, in which a unique arrangement of glass ionomer and six beneficial ions—fluoride, sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate, and borate—form a protective coat that lasts several months. The resultant barrier is designed to neutralize acids, inhibit plaque buildup, and release and recharge fluoride.


PRG Barrier Coat is self-adhesive, with no separate etching or bonding steps required. Effectiveness is achieved with the application of an ultra-thin surface layer (15 ?m). This desensitizer is free of alcohol, acetone, and hydroxyethylmethacrylate, making it safe to use adjacent to soft tissue. Oral health professionals in orthodontic practices may dab PRG Barrier Coat around orthodontic brackets and other difficult-to-brush areas to activate instant protection from acids and plaque, and to help reduce the appearance of white spots.

The company’s unique Giomer desensitizer is a two-part system consisting of a base and activator that are mixed together. A thin layer of the mixture is applied and left undisturbed for more than 3 seconds and then light cured for 10 seconds. PRG Barrier Coat is available through authorized dental dealers, as well as in a mini-kit that includes a 0.9 mL syringe of an active ingredient, eight unit-dose containers of a Giomer base ingredient, and accessories.

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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. September 2015;13(9):66.


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