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Product Profile: MAXmin® with NuFluor® by Preventech

Prophy paste maximizes cleaning, minimizes splatter

Research shows that saliva containing fluoride, calcium, and phosphate can aid in the remineralization of enamel.1,2 This harmony is vital to oral health and the prevention of dental caries. That’s why MAXmin Prophy Paste with NuFluor—a proprietary fluoride, calcium, and phosphate chemistry designed specifically for prophy paste—was created by Preventech. Sweetened with xylitol, a naturally occurring “tooth-friendly” sweetener, MAXmin maximizes cleaning while minimizing splatter and cost.


  • Proprietary NuFluor formula
  • Doesn’t splatter
  • Flash rinses without leaving chalky white residue on the oral mucosa
  • Provides great stain removal
  • Cost effective
  • Comes in medium and coarse grits
  • Available in four patient-pleasing flavors: mint, cherry,bubble gum, and orange vanilla
  • Free samples are available


Preventech has been developing and marketing innovative products focused on dental disease prevention since 1994. Its high-quality products are used in nearly every preventive dentistry procedure and each one is entirely made in the United States. The company’s success is based on providing dental professionals with quality products at reasonable prices. An American Dental Hygienists’ Association Corporate Member, Preventech is an enthusiastic supporter of dental hygiene programs and activities throughout
the world.


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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. September 2015;13(9):67.


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