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This Month’s Features

Individualizing Care For Pregnant and Lactating Patients

Remaining up to date about the FDA’s Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling Rule is key to the provision of safe dental treatment.

Caries Prevention Strategies For Older Adults

Oral health professionals play an important role in helping this population maintain their oral health.

Managing High-Risk Patients With SDF

Silver Diamine Fluoride is safe, efficient, and effective, providing a helpful alternative in the caries management effort.

Continuing Education

Caring For Patients With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Oral health professionals need to provide empathetic and supportive treatment to this patient population.

Oral Cancer Prevention

A combination of brief motivational interviewing and vaccination counseling can reduce risk for human papillomavirus-related oropharyngeal cancers.

The Impact of Orofacial Myofunction Disorders on Malocclusion

Orofacial myofunctional disorders and chronic oral dysfunction may increase the risk for dental malocclusion and related craniofacial dysmorphology.

Implementing Buffered Articaine in Dentistry

The use of buffered articaine offers several advantages in dental pain management.


Editor’s Note

Twenty Years and Counting

You’ve heard it said that “time flies when you’re having fun.” That certainly is the case with me as we celebrate 20 years of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene! As you’ve been reading throughout the year, Belmont Business Media is thrilled to share this milestone with you. We’ve highlighted several steps that have brought us to [...]

Ask the Expert

Tips For At-Home Whitening

Many of my patients ask for recommendations for at-home whitening modalities. How should I determine which is best based on individual patient characteristics? Before considering any over-the-counter (OTC) products or starting any professional bleaching treatments, a thorough dental examination is indicated to assess for caries, existing restorations, white spots, discolorations, sensitivity issues and status of [...]

Products and Services

Strategic Biofilm Removal With Ultrasonic Instrumentation

The Pac-Dent Autoscaler helps dental hygienists maximize the efficiency of this important technique.

July 2022 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

2022 Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award Winner is Celebrated

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene—with premier sponsor Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Inc.—celebrated Winnie Furnari, MS, RDH, FAADH, FAAFS, FADE, as the 2022 Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award during a cocktail reception on June 24 at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  Furnari was recognized for her efforts to expand the career possibilities of [...]

Winner of Alla J. Wheeler Award Announced

Amelbi Tejada, AAS, a May graduate of New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry’s Associate in Applied Science Degree Program in Dental Hygiene, is the recipient of the Alla J. Wheeler Ethics and Professionalism Award sponsored by Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. Voted on by members of the dental hygiene class, Tejada was chosen for her [...]

Recognizing 20 Years of Dimensions

In 2002 when Lorene G. Kent, RDH, BA, began publishing Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, the internet was far from ubiquitous. The print publication was launched with a website, but as the use of the web and social media became more pervasive, Kent realized she needed just the right person to lead the journal’s digital operation. [...]

Immune Memory Response May Increase Disease Risk

In research with implications for treating a range of inflammatory conditions, an international team led by University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) School of Dental Medicine investigators has demonstrated how innate immune memory response can increase susceptibility to disorders ranging from periodontitis to cardiovascular disease. Published in Cell, the study, “Maladaptive Innate Immune Training of Myelopoiesis Links [...]

Artificial Intelligence Caries Detection System Approved by FDA

The United States Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tration (FDA) has ap­proved a caries detection system based on artificial intelligence (AI). The system uses radiographs and information gleaned through the search of more than 100 million data points gathered from dental service organizations, insurance companies, and dental schools to create models that help clinicians detect lesions before [...]

Older Adults Delayed Dental Visits More Than Any Other Care During the Pandemic

While older Americans have long faced barriers to care, it’s no surprise that lockdowns and restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated medical and dental conditions experienced by this patient population. To better understand these challenges, the Boston-based nonprofit CareQuest Institute for Oral Health has issued a new report that explores the pandemic’s effects on [...]

Find Your Uncomfortable Zone

Right after I was accepted to dental hygiene school, I was visiting my sister at a well-known hospital when she mentioned that her teeth felt awful from not being able to properly clean them. She asked the nurse for floss who replied, “I don’t think we have any of that.” Little did I know I [...]


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