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This Month’s Features

Expanding Access to Care with Scope of Practice

As dental hygienists play important roles in prevention and education, broadening their scope of practice is integral to improving access to much needed oral health services.

Managing Dental Unit Water Systems

Ensuring safe treatment water for routine and surgical procedures requires dental teams to implement effective management strategies for dental unit water systems.

Strategies for the Prevention of Dental Caries

Dental hygienists are uniquely positioned to provide care and early intervention strategies to reduce dental caries.

Clinical Applications of Periodontal Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a critical component of effective periodontal disease diagnosis and management.

Continuing Education

CE Sponsored by Colgate in Partnership with the American Academy of Periodontology—Maintaining the Oral Microbiome

As one of the most colonized areas of the body, clinicians need to understand how best to promote health and prevent dysbiosis in the oral microbiome.

Air Polishing as an Adjunctive Therapy

Subgingival air polishing can serve as an adjunctive method for biofilm removal in periodontal maintenance therapy.

Easing Anxiety with Therapy Dogs

While animal-assisted interventions may reduce distress for anxious patients, dental professionals need to adhere to appropriate guidelines to ensure their proper introduction into dental practice.

What Do Lab Values Mean?

Understanding a patient’s lab values—which can impact dental treatment—is key to providing comprehensive care.


Editor’s Note

A Preventable Outbreak

A recent measles outbreak was so severe in the state of Washington that the governor declared a state of emergency.

Ask the Expert

What Are Some Solutions to Resolve Inflammation?

Do you think it is appropriate for a dentist to tell a patient that the swelling is a direct result of the dental hygienist not cleaning to the base of the pocket?

Products and Services

March 2019 Marketplace for Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

Highly Respected Dental Hygienist Is Mourned

Denise M. Bowen, RDH, MS, a graduate faculty member and professor emeritus in the Department of Dental Hygiene at Idaho State University (ISU) in Pocatello, has died.

Sugary Beverages Targeted in California

A broad coalition of physicians, dentists, and public health advocates announced their support for a package of bills aimed at reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in the state of California.

Young Hygienist Is Passionate About Public Health

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Dentistry, in 2016, Sommer Wisher, RDH, BS, went to work in clinical practice in Holly Springs and Raleigh, North Carolina.


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