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March 2019 Marketplace for Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.

Cervitec Plus


Cervitec Plus, from Ivoclar Vivadent, Amherst, New York, provides clinicians with an alternative to at-home chlorhexidine oral rinses. The varnish frees patients from having to worry about remembering to rinse at home, as Cervitec Plus is applied in office. Cervitec Plus offers a neutral taste, is safe to use on patients of all ages, and can release chlorhexidine for up to 90 days. 800-533-6825;




-Palmero Dynamic Disposables


Palmero Healthcare, Stratford, Connecticut, has introduced two additions to its line of Dynamic Disposables™. These new office packs feature lightweight, disposable eye protection to help prevent eye splash contamination incidents. Dynamic Disposables Office Pack Orange Bonding Lenses filter out the harmful blue wavelength of light from 380 nm to 495 nm. Offering optimal eye protection for patients from bright operatory lights to splashes and spatters, Dynamic Disposables Office Pack Grey Lenses also protect against potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays. The Office Packs contain 10 reusable frames, a cord, and 20 disposable lenses. 800-344-6424;


Elevate Oral Care Toothprints Dental IDElevate Oral Care, West Palm Beach, Florida, has relaunched its Toothprints Dental ID System. Toothprints are suggested at three dentition stages: ages 3, 7, and 13. This system offers a complete identification record for children, as the thermoplastic wafer captures a child’s tooth characteristics. Elevate Oral Care will donate $25 from each box of 48 to the Children’s Oral Health Program. 877-866-9113;





Practicon Mobile Floss Business CardsPracticon, Greenville, North Carolina, now offers Mobile Floss Business Cards. Each card dispenses 11 yards of waxed, shred-resistant, mint-flavored dental floss. Patients slip the 0.08” mobile floss packers into their pocket, wallet, or purse with ease. The new card designs include assorted fruit, natural wonders, and tartan plaids. Each themed style is available in four assorted
gloss-coated colors and can be personalized with the dental practice’s information. 800 959-9505;



Dental Herb Company PerioSpotDental Herb Company®, Lancaster, New Hampshire, has introduced PerioSpot gel, a gum therapy gel designed to help fight bacteria and inflammation directly at the spot. Ideal for stubborn inflammation sites, as well as to enhance periodontal care after dental procedures, this sticky gel can be placed directly on the affected site to provide an antimicrobial boost or protection where the
gingiva needs it most. PerioSpot gel is indicated for both in-office treatment and at-home care. Complimentary samples are available. 800-747-4372;

Orascoptic headlight design


OrascopticMiddleton, Wisconsin, was recently granted a United States patent for the optical design used in its headlights. The patent indicates that Orascoptic offers clinicians a headlight with a highly uniform spot with the least amount of weight. 800-369-3698;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2019;17(3):51.

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