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This Month’s Features

Ensuring Beautiful and Healthy Smiles

Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS, discusses the important role that dental hygienists play in the esthetic dental practice.

Sustainability Challenge

Here are strategies to help dental practices reduce their environmental impact.

Nail Hygiene

Maintaining healthy fingernails is key to reducing microbial transmission in the dental setting.

Xerostomia Management

Patients have a variety of options when it comes to managing the symptoms of this common oral condition.

Treating Patients with Bell’s Palsy

Individuals with this type of facial paralysis often experience negative oral health effects.

Continuing Education

Providing Care to Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Dental hygienists can help improve these patients’ oral health, comfort, and function, as well as their quality of life.

Material Selection and Maintenance

By staying abreast of today’s restorative materials, clinicians will be prepared to safely and effectively care for them.

The Bidirectional Link

Dental professionals should be well-versed in the relationship between periodontal diseases and diabetes so they can better serve patients with this common metabolic condition.


Editor’s Note

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Ask the Expert

Recommend Interventions to Treat Osteoporosis?

Several of my patients who take bisphosphonates to treat their osteoporosis have been questioning their safety. One has asked whether calcium or vitamin D supplements provide the same benefits. How do I best advise them?

Products and Services

Marketplace for Dental Hygienists—March 2014

A listing of featured products.

Periodontal Gel by DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical 

Needle free pain control Oraqix® 2.5% Lidocaine and 2.5% Prilocaine.

IRIS USB 2.0 Intraoral Camera by Digital Doc 

Create high definition images quickly and easily.

Cavitron® Plus and Cavitron JET Plus by DENTSPLY Professional 

Ultrasonic units boost performance and comfort.

Autoclavable XCP DS Fit® by DENTSPLY Rinn 

Biteblocks accommodate all sensor types.

Vera by Young™ Disposable Prophy Angle from Young Dental 

Prophy angle provides comfort for both clinicians and patients.

General Scaling and Periodontal Tips by Vista Dental Products

Ultrasonic tips offer value and performance.

iProphy Air Prophylaxis Air Motor by NSK Dental LLC 

Ergonomic handpiece reduces fatigue.

Jack B. Nimble™ Scaler (R130) by PDT Inc 

Contra angled scaler offers many Benefits.

Neogard® Poly Chloroprene Examination Gloves by Microflex

Nonlatex gloves offer excellent grip.

Newsline + Industry Info

Industry Info

CE article focuses on periodontitis-diabetes link.


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