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Marketplace for Dental Hygienists—March 2014

A listing of featured products.


Ortek Therapeutics Inc, Roslyn Heights, NY, introduces BasicBites™—sugar-free chocolate soft chews that support healthy teeth. BasicBites help maintain the normal pH levels that naturally exist on tooth surfaces, thus preserving existing healthy tooth structure. The soft chews work by coating the teeth with a patented blend of vital nutrients found in healthy saliva (AlkaGen Technology™). Designed for patients age 6 and older, BasicBites are especially beneficial for patients with orthodontic appliances or xerostomia. (800) 863-9943;


Premier Dental Products Co, Plymouth Meeting, Pa, announces its newest implant scalers: the 137 (anterior) and 204 (posterior). Designed to complement the original Facial (Goldman Fox) and Universal (4L/4R) instruments, these implant scalers—made of fiber-reinforced graphite—will not scratch implant surfaces. The tips are thin and sharp with well-defined edges, allowing clinicians to access tight areas, while the redesigned handles feature textured grips and increased diameter size for improved control and comfort. Premier Implant Scalers, available in two- and five-instrument packs, are autoclavable. (888) 670-6100;



Denbur, Oak Brook, Ill, has created a new type of dental applicator with the launch of its Pure-Brush Disposable Fiber-Free Applicator. The patented product does not include adhesive or a traditional brush; instead, the plastic used to create the applicator’s handle is also utilized to make the “fibers” on the brush. These plastic “fibers” are flexible and do not separate at the tip. The applicator is made in the United States, and samples are available upon request. (800) 992-1399;




Shofu Dental Corp, San Marcos, Calif, adds the EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera to its extensive product line. Previously only sold in Japan, this camera is designed exclusively for use in the dental setting. Featuring 12 megapixels and eight shooting modes, the EyeSpecial C-II offers a high-performance 49 mm close-up lens, intuitive one-touch operation, a lightweight and sleek body design, and a large LCD touchscreen that allows users to view images effortlessly, even when gloved. (800) 827-4638;


Hu-Friedy Mfg Co LLC, Chicago, and EMS Electro Medical Systems, Lake Geneva, Switzerland, have formed a strategic alliance to better serve the needs of dental hygienists. One of the first co-branded products to be introduced is the Hu-Friedy EMS Piezon® 250, a piezoelectric scaler that delivers power, precision, and function. The compact and self-contained unit comes with an attached irrigant bottle, a light emitting diode handpiece for enhanced visibility, and easy-to-use controls that deliver 35 individual power settings. A line of Hu-Friedy EMS Piezo Tips is also available. The complete co-branded product suite will be released by the end of 2014. (800) 483-7433;


DentaPure, Fergus Falls, Minn, offers DP365B and DP365M—its dental unit waterline treatment technology developed by NASA. The B series cartridge is designed for installation on plumbed unit waterlines, while the M series is designed to install directly into the unit’s water supply bottle. Iodinated resin beads in the cartridge elute 2 ppm to 4 ppm of iodine as water passes through the resin matrix. The elemental iodine in DentaPure® contains no allergenic proteins, and ensures water will meet or exceed the American Dental Association’s and United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s water standards. (800) 972-3543;


Livionex Inc, Los Gatos, Calif, offers Livionex Plaque Control Dental Gel, which eliminates plaque and reduces gingival inflammation and bleeding. The gel is designed to quickly remineralize teeth without the use of abrasives, detergents, and/or antimicrobials. (408) 884-1522;


Bing Innovations LLC, Boca Raton, Fla, presents the DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, which uses VibraPulse technology to block the sensation of pain. Designed to reduce the anxiety associated with dental injections, DentalVibe is based on the principles of the Gate Control Theory of Pain—in which a neurological gating mechanism permits or prevents the sensation of pain. The cordless, handheld device can be used with any dental injection syringe. (877) 503-8423;



DenTek, Maryville, Tenn, debuts its all-new Adult Benzocaine—a maximum strength instant pain reliever. Single-use disposable applicators ensure mess-free delivery and prevent the spread of bacteria. The Clean Mint-flavored benzocaine 20% is easy to apply and relieves the pain caused by severe tooth aches, inflamed gums, and mouth sores. Each package of DenTek™ Adult Benzocaine includes one bottle of benzo caine, one handle, and 50 single-use applicators. (800) 433-6835;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2014;12(3):74–75.


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