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Support Orthodontic Treatment Success

Dental hygienists play an integral role in helping orthodontic patients maintain adequate oral hygiene—a necessity for positive treatment outcomes.

Balance the Scales

Calcium phosphate technologies may support the remineralization process, thereby helping to ensure the integrity of the tooth surface in the face of mineral loss.

Healthy Hands

By improving the ergonomics of clinical practice, dental hygienists can reduce the risk of career-ending injuries.

Update on Maximum Recommended Dosages for Local Anesthesia

Clinicians should be aware of current Food and Drug Administration-approved recommendations when determining the appropriate dose for individual patients.

Control the Aerosol Risk

Precautions must be taken to ensure both clinician and patient safety during ultrasonic instrumentation.

Continuing Education

Treating Patients with Lupus

Following are simple strategies to help patients with this autoimmune disorder maintain their oral health.

Assess Periodontal Risk

Risk assessment analysis, monitoring risk factor modification, and managing risk factors in patients with periodontal diseases, or those at high risk, are essential to successful treatment.

Improving Compliance

Oral health professionals can help noncompliant patients improve their dental health by using the interdisciplinary system of behavioral modification.

Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgery Revisited

The addition of a videoscope to this technique provides benefits for both clinicians and patients.


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The Relationship Between Facial Paralysis and Xerostomia

I have consistently observed the presence of xerostomia among patients with facial paralysis. Is there an association between the two?

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