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This Month’s Features

High-Tech Diagnostic Tools

Learn how these advanced three-dimensional imaging modalities can improve diagnostic capabilities and support treatment planning in the dental setting.

Power Instrumentation Considerations

As the use of ultrasonic therapy grows, dental hygienists must be knowledgeable about how to best use this modality.

Injury Prevention with Physical Therapy

An individually designed program provided by a physical therapist can help oral health professionals improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and patterns of posture and movement.

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Management

Research supports a variety of techniques to treat this common malady.

Continuing Education

Face the Threat

Antibiotic resistance is a global health problem that can be addressed through education, effective infection control protocols, and prudent prescription practices.

Breaking Down Barriers to Care

Dental professionals can improve the oral health of long-term care facility residents by teaching caregivers how to provide daily oral hygiene services.

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

An important tool in radiographic imaging during orthodontic treatment, dental professionals need to understand its inherent benefits, while also considering the risks of increased radiation exposure.

Debunking Oral Cancer Myths

Oral health professionals are charged with educating their patients about oral cancer risk and detection, as well as ensuring effective screenings are performed at every dental appointment.


Editor’s Note

Dental Hygiene’s Bright Future

Two reports were recently published that bode well for dental hygiene's future.

Ask the Expert

How Can I Prevent Wrist Pain?

I have been experiencing sharp, aching pain in my right wrist and arm at seemingly random intervals. The dentist suggested taking ibuprofen, but it doesn't seem to help. How can I prevent this pain from recurring?

Products and Services

April 2014 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

ADA Updates Fluoride Toothpaste Recommendations for Children

Citing an increased need to prevent early childhood caries (ECC)—the most common chronic childhood disease in the world—the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs has released updated guidelines regarding the use of fluoride toothpaste in children.

Industry Info

Supplement sighlights importance of informed dental patients .

University of Maryland Educators Receive Hero Award

Two University of Maryland School of Dentistry faculty members received the Kathy Lyter Oral Health Hero Award.

Girls More Sensitive to Orthodontic Treatment Pain Than Boys

A new study found that adolescent girls undergoing orthodontic treatment have a lower pain tolerance than their male counterparts.

Dental Hygienist Hits High Note as Musician

Dental hygiene is a flexible career with good pay—at least that's how Linda Perhacs, RDH, saw it when she graduated with a degree in dental hygiene from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles in the 1960s. 


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