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This Month’s Features

An Addition to the Ergonomic Toolbox

Chair yoga can help oral health professionals reduce their risk of musculoskeletal disorders and pain, as well as prevent work burnout.

The Impact of a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Approach

Recently passed California legislation requires radiographic imaging prior to initiating aligner therapy.

The Use of Mouthrinses in the Fight Against Cariogenic Bacteria

A variety of mouthrinse ingredients are effective against caries-causing bacteria.

Continuing Education

Treating Youth Traumatic Dental Injuries

Understanding the risk for TDIs and performing trauma first aid when they occur can encourage positive oral health outcomes.

Strategies for Managing Erosive Tooth Wear

Erosive tooth wear can be effectively addressed with minimally invasive dentistry if diagnosed in its early stages.

The Oral and Systemic Health Benefits of Arginine

Research demonstrates the effects of arginine in destabilizing biofilm, decreasing enamel demineralization and dentinal hypersensitivity, and supporting remineralization.

Addressing Drug-Related SCARs

While rare, severe cutaneous adverse reactions to certain medications are potentially life-threatening and thus require immediate attention.


Editor’s Note

Critical Thinking vs Evidence-Based Care

By now, probably numerous patients have asked you if fluoride exposure is associated with low IQ.

Ask the Expert

Are Plaque-Disclosing Agents Useful Educational Tools?

Are plaque-disclosing agents useful tools when educating pediatric patients and their parents/caregivers about oral disease prevention and the importance of good oral hygiene?

Products and Services

AeroPro™ Cordless Prophy Handpiece System by Premier Dental Products Co

Improving the Coronal Polishing Experience.

Optic White Professional from Colgate

Transform your patients’ whitening experience with advanced ionic technology.

Newsline + Industry Info

A Leader in Dental Hygiene

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Brand Ambassador Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM, talks about her efforts to further the profession across Canada.

Oral Cancer Screening Impacted by Sociodemographic Factors

Oral health professionals play an important role in identifying oral and oropharyngeal cancer through oral cancer screenings, as early detection significantly improves patient survival rates.

Dimensions’ Corporate Council Member Receives Prestigious Award

Frances Doherty Genco, BS, RDH, a member of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene’s Corporate Council, received the 2019 Oral Health Research Award from the Oral Health Research Group, part of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

Hygienist Takes Creative Approach to Educating Kids About Oral Health

Tracy Laughner, RDH, is passionate about oral health science.

Dimensions Welcomes New Addition to Editorial Advisory Board

Lisa B. Stefanou, RDH, MPH, a clinical associate professor and director of Dental Hygiene Programs at New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry in New York City is the latest addition to the Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Editorial Advisory Board.


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