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This Month’s Features

Treat Teething Pain Safely

The use of benzocaine in infants and children can raise the risk of methemoglobinemia—a dangerous and sometimes fatal condition.

Mastering Apical Orientation of the Tip

Incorporating this technique into practice may help dental hygienists access deposits that may otherwise be missed.

Caries Prevention for Kids

The systemic use of fluoride provides many benefits in reducing tooth decay.

Reduce Radiation With Rectangular Collimation

This underutilized technique can improve the quality of diagnostic radiographs while also reducing radiation exposure.

Continuing Education

Dental Trauma in Children

Dental hygienists should be prepared to educate parents and patients about the prevention and treatment of traumatic dental injuries.

Dental Management of Patients with Rickets

A successful prevention protocol can significantly improve the oral health of children with this rare but serious disorder.

Avoiding Additional Tooth Loss

Dental hygienists play an important role in helping partially edentulous patients maintain their oral health.

Promote Periodontal Health

The use of nonsurgical periodontal therapy to treat chronic periodontitis is standard in oral health care, and new developments may improve its efficacy in the future.


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