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This Month’s Features

The Gift of Gratitude

Dental hygienists have much to be thankful for as the profession moves toward an integrated future.

Mistaken Identity

While gingival cancers can be difficult to detect, survival rates depend on early treatment.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital imaging offers significant benefits to practices, clinicians, and patients.

Continuing Education

Minimize Medication Risks in Pregnant Patients

Dental hygienists can help pregnant women limit those factors that may cause harm to the normal morphology of the developing fetus.

Investigating the Link

What the evidence says about the association between rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal diseases.

Create an Opportunity for Intervention

The dental team can play an important role in all phases of the human immunodeficiency virus care continuum—from diagnosis to disease management.

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Periodontal Diseases

This review investigates the evidence on the association between a variety of maternal health problems and the presence of periodontal pathogens.


Editor’s Note

The Aloha Spirit 

This is such a bittersweet time of year.

Ask the Expert

What Is An Appropriate Interval for Updating a Patient’s Medical History?

How often does a patient's medical history need to undergo a comprehensive update?

Products and Services

December 2014 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

Anti-Inflammatory Protein May Reduce Severity of MS

A new study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in Philadelphia reveals that a key protein may reduce the severity of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Industry Info

'Six Dental Hygienists You Want to Know' announced.

Dental Profession Joins the Image Gently® Campaign

In late September, the oral health profession joined the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging and its Image Gently campaign.

Global Oral Health Award Established

Michele Leonardi Darby, BSDH, MS, has established an award bearing her name.

Dimensions Research Grant Now Accepting Applications

The Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Research Grant, administered through the American Dental Hygienists' Association Institute for Oral Health, is accepting applications through February 28, 2015.

Telehealth Educator Joins Dimensions’ Editorial Advisory Board

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is pleased to announce the addition of Fred Summerfelt, RDH, MEd, AP, to its Editorial Advisory Board.

Two Schools Add Baccalaureate Degrees

In order for its graduates to succeed in an ever-competitive job market, Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, and Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) in Indianapolis are looking to add a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree to their academic offerings.

Tooth Whitening Case Goes

In October, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments regarding Case 13-534, North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


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