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This Month’s Features

Part 1 of a Two-Part Series: Instrumenting Premolars

The complex root anatomy of these teeth poses a distinct challenge during hand instrumentation.

A Profession at Risk

Oral health professionals need to develop a prevention plan to reduce their risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Focus on Nonfloss Interdental Cleaners—September 2017

Interdental cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining oral health, and this table provides myriad details about available nonfloss interdental cleaners to help clinicians make appropriate patient recommendations.

Continuing Education

Breaking the Genetic Code

Genetic testing may provide oral health professionals with a new avenue to customize patient care and improve preventive treatments and outcomes.

Digital Technology Integration

The following strategies can help oral health professionals implement new technologies into daily clinical practice.

Changing the Trajectories of Diabetes and Periodontitis

Oral health professionals who understand the interrelationship of the inflammatory burden shared by these two chronic diseases will be best prepared to provide customized treatment.

Adverse Birth Outcomes and Oral Health

This literature review investigates the evidence surrounding the association between periodontal disease and preterm births and low birth weight.


Editor’s Note

Jenn’s Vision

Oral health professionals are extremely aware of and conscientious about their own eye protection during procedures, but what about protecting patients’ eyes?

Ask the Expert

Strategies for Effective Instrument Sharpening

Our instruments are sharpened once per month at best. What is the average lifespan of hand instruments that are used and sterilized at least twice per day?

Products and Services

Your Marketplace—September 2017

An online marketplace with listings of the best products on the market for dental hygienists and dental hygiene professionals.

Product Profile: Nupro® Portfolio by Dentsply Sirona

Innovative Solutions for Polishing and Treatment

Product Profile: GUM® Paroex® Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP, 0.12% by Sunstar

Oral Rinse Is Efficacious Without Alcohol.

Newsline + Industry Info

Student Find Tuberculosis DNA in Dental Calculus

Soleil Young, an anthropology student in the Renee Crown University Honors Program at Syracuse University in New York, uncovered tuberculosis (TB) DNA in the dental calculus of 100-year-old skeletal remains housed for biological research at the Smithsonian Division of Physical Anthropology in Washington, DC.

Colgate Board Adds Members

Colgate-Palmolive has named 12 dental hygienists to its 2017 Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board.

Palmero Launches X-Ray Apron Recycle Program

Palmero Healthcare, a subsidiary of Hu-Friedy, has announced its latest green initiative, Palmero’s X-Ray Apron Recycle/Trade-In Program.

New Law Expands Access to Care

Minnesota has implemented a new law, HF1712, that provides residents with greater access to oral health care by allowing dental hygienists and some dental assistants to perform services outside the clinic in community settings without the patient first being examined by a dentist.


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