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This Month’s Features

Instrumenting Periodontally Involved Anterior Teeth

Correct instrument selection and effective technique are key to successful debridement of these challenging areas.

Maximize the Benefits of Mouthrinse

Reducing the oral cavity’s bacterial load is essential to maintaining health. Here’s how antimicrobial mouthrinses can help.

The Evolution of Sealants

With advancements in materials and methods, dental sealants remain one of the most important tools in the caries prevention armamentarium.

Medication Use and Xerostomia

By keeping up to date on the most commonly used medications that cause dry mouth, dental hygienists can help patients maintain their oral health.

Habits for Healthy Practice

Positioning, grasp, fulcrums, and instrument design are integral to improving the ergonomics of instrumentation.

Continuing Education

Advancing Dentistry Into Primary Health Care

Screening for systemic disease in the dental office may become commonplace with the evolution of salivary diagnostics.

Dental Detectives

Dental hygienists have much to offer the forensic dental team in the postmortem identification process.

Irrigate for Oral Health

The use of oral irrigation offers a myriad of health benefits, particularly for those with diabetes and dental implants, as well as patients with orthodontic appliances.

Power of Omega-3s

These essential fatty acids provide both systemic and oral health benefits.


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