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This Month’s Features

Minimize the Risk of Infection

Minimize the risk of infection by adhering to evidence based infection control protocols, oral health professionals can reduce the risk of disease transmission in the dental office.

A Close-Up Look at Explorers

These time tested instruments are critical to the success of nonsurgical periodontal therapy, and many types are available to help clinicians maximize their use.

Continuing Education

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

New evidence suggests that breastfeeding may have long term positive effects on children's oral health.

Gingival Enlargement and Medication Use

In order to effectively address this type of gingival overgrowth, clinicians must be up to date on which drugs increase its risk.

Strategies for Effective Interpretation of Radiographs

Redefining diagnostic skills and refreshing their knowledge of anatomy will help dental hygienists recognize the most common variations in normal radiographs, as well as the most frequently encountered incidental findings.

Treating Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

As the number of adults living with this genetic disorder increases, dental hygienists should be prepared to provide individualized attention to this patient population.


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