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This Month’s Features

Ensuring Safe Dental Unit Waterlines

Learn about the critical aspects of maintaining dental unit water quality, preventing biofilm formation, and reducing infection risks in dental practices.

Implementing the 2017 Periodontal Classification System

This chairside guide is designed to help clinicians classify and treatment plan according to these guidelines.

Continuing Education

Unlocking the Forensic Power of Dental Records

Comprehensive dental recordkeeping not only enhances patient care but also plays a pivotal role in forensic odontology, aiding in the identification of deceased individuals and supporting medicolegal investigations.

Emerging Discoveries on the Pathogenicity of Porphyromonas Gingivalis

The role of this periodontal pathogen is multifactorial and has specific implications in neurodegenerative conditions.

Identifying Substance Use in the Dental Setting

Oral health professionals are poised to address the complex issue of substance use through evidence-based screening tools.

The Role of Non-Autogenous Grafts in Treating Mucogingival Defects

This technique is gaining popularity due to the palate-free approach, the materials’ unlimited availability, and its ability to treat larger areas.


Editor’s Note

The Interstate Compact Moves Ahead

License portability has been a long time coming and this compact is an important step in the right direction

Ask the Expert

Periodontal Maintenance

When I was in school and a patient presented with one or two quadrants of localized periodontal disease, we treated those areas and then continued the patient as a prophylaxis. I have colleagues who keep patients on a prophy only if they had one quadrant of localized scaling and root planing What is the protocol [...]

Products and Services

Fluoride Varnish Benefits Both Patients and Providers

Rebecca Campbell, RDH, finds a game-changing solution in Kettenbach Dental’s Profisil®, delivering a smoother, more enjoyable experience for patients and hygienists alike.

The Dynamic Duo

PowerScrub™ and PowerSonic™ by Solmetex® ensure optimal vacuum line suction and meticulously clean instruments.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Dental Innovation

Don Ton, DDS, shares his insights on what makes the
 Ergo Air Loupes by LumaDent, Inc. so revolutionary.

Oxygen Therapy Enhances Treatment Outcomes

Gingi-Pak Perio Armor 1.7% hydrogen peroxide cleansing gel sets 
a new standard in achieving optimal periodontal care results.

Newsline + Industry Info

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