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Tips on Technique— The Importance of Grasp

I was taught to grasp the curet with a relaxed, curved index finger, but this position makes it difficult to scale with much force. Which type of grasp do you recommend for the scaling of tenacious calculus?

Lasers in Orthodontics

As diode lasers become more common in orthodontic practice, dental hygienists need to understand their many uses.

The Heart of the Matter

To better understand the association between cardiovascular disease and oral health and its effect on the provision of dental care, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene spoke to renowned heart surgeon and innovator in the field of endovascular surgery Jacob DeLaRosa, MD, and risk assessment expert JoAnn R. Gurenlian, RDH, PhD

Promote Remineralization

Here are strategies to expand your caries management protocol.

Key to Effective Calculus Removal

Follow these strategies to remove tenacious deposits.

Reduce Retakes

Improve the diagnostic quality of digital radiographs with these tips.

Continuing Education

Baby Boomers and the Rise of STDs

Educate your older adult patients about the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Treatment Options for People with Autism

How to effectively provide dental care for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.


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