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This Month’s Features

Navigating the Clinical Road Map

Brush up on the basics of comprehensive periodontal therapy to help your patients maintain the health, comfort, esthetics, and function of their dentition.

Posture Makes Perfect

Follow these ergonomic strategies to improve your musculoskeletal health.

Current Trends in Tooth Whitening

Safety, efficacy, and cost are important considerations when recommending whitening treatments to your patients.

Fight Gingivitis with Therapeutic Mouthrinses

Help patients improve their self-care regimens with these important adjuncts to mechanical plaque control.

Sealants A to Z

Reduce the risk of caries with effective sealant placement.

Cannabis Use and Xerostomia

As marijuana use increases in the United States, dental hygienists need to understand its effects on the oral cavity.

5 Myths About Periodontal Instrumentation

Magnified viewing of subgingival and root areas debunks some common theories about root instrumentation technique.

Continuing Education

Heart Safe Dental Care

Ensure the safety of patients with cardiovascular disease by keeping up-to-date on the guidelines for prophylaxis.

Increase Your Cultural Competence

How to improve communication with a culturally diverse patient population.

Xerostomia and Oral Disease

Xerostomia or perceived dry mouth has been described as "the symptom that acts like a disease."


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Ask the Expert

Is It Safe to Work Around Nitrous Oxide While Pregnant?

I am 24 weeks pregnant and wondering if there are any risks to working around nitrous oxide in the dental setting.

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