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This Month’s Features

The Best Career Is the One You Create

I have had the privilege of working in the field of dentistry for more than four decades in a variety of settings — from private practice to public health to dental hygiene education. Private practice is typically where most dental hygiene graduates find themselves immediately upon graduation. In my experience, most practices — both corporate [...]

Visual Acuity Is Key to Successful Patient Outcomes

Using magnification to enhance their visual acuity allows dental hygienists to more effectively identify periodontal problems and conduct accurate preventive and nonsurgical periodontal procedures.

Diagnosing a Rare Intraoral Lesion

This case study will help you identify this type of oral pathology using clinical, radiographic, and histologic findings. This case report details the process leading to the diagnosis of a rare intraoral lesion. Relevant clinical, radiographic, and histologic findings of this lesion are included along with a discussion to help dental practitioners identify and diagnose [...]

Continuing Education

Local Anesthesia as an Antimicrobial Ally

The lesser-known antimicrobial properties of local anesthetics may help dental hygienists to optimize patient care beyond pain management.

The Potential of Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

Ozone has a promising role in oral healthcare, but further research is needed to verify its efficacy and safety.

Rethinking Patient Shielding in Dental Radiography

As technological advancements reduce radiation doses, expert organizations challenge the effectiveness of traditional patient shielding practices in dental radiography.

Electronic Cigarette Use Among Youth and Adolescents

Oral health professionals are on the frontline of helping youth avoid or quit e-cigarette use.


Editor’s Note

Our Shared Journey

My hope is to elevate the profession of dental hygiene all around the world

Ask the Expert

Timing of CPR Renewal

My cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) renewal deadline is in June but my office is not hosting a class until August. Is this a problem if I wait until August?

Products and Services

Revolutionizing Dental Imaging

Experience unparalleled patient comfort and diagnostic precision with Pac-Dent’s EzAim™ SoftBite™ Sensor Holders, which are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Is Your Dental Operatory Water Safe to Drink?

Dental unit waterlines can harbor harmful bacteria and biofilms. Learn the essential steps to ensure your operatory water is safe for you and your patients.

Fluoride Mouthrinse: Not Just for Kids

Adults are also at risk for caries, making the daily use of fluoride mouthrinse, such as ACT®, integral to maintaining dental health.

Transforming Oral Hygiene With CPC Mouthrinse

TheraBreath™ Deep Clean with 0.1% Cetylpyridinium Chloride 
mouthrinse provides alcohol-free antiseptic action.

The Next Generation of Fluoride Treatment

Profisil® Fluoride Varnish from Kettenbach checks all the boxes.

Newsline + Industry Info

When Dental Dreams Come True

After 38 years in dental hygiene, the “Salty Hygienist” continues to serve her community in Florida and across the world via social media.


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