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This Month’s Features

Technology Evolution

Intraoral imaging and tablet technology are moving the dental operatory further into the digital age.

Reduce the Bacterial Load

What the research says about the role of antimicrobial toothpastes in the quest for oral health.

Reduce Caries Risk

Effective sealant placement is key to preventing decay in pits and fissures.

How to Prevent Breaches in Instrument Reprocessing Protocol

Follow these strategies to ensure proper instrument packaging and chemical monitoring during the sterilization process.

Continuing Education

The Risks of Radiographic Imaging

An open discussion between practitioners and their patients can allay many of the fears associated with dental radiographic imaging.

Smile Insurance

Topical fluoride therapy is a safe and effective method for reducing the risk of caries among children of all ages.

Emergency Preparedness

Help your family, practice, and community be better prepared for all types of catastrophic events.

A Call to Action

Two Institute of Medicine reports paint a dire picture of oral health and access to care in the United States, but provide solutions on how to fix them.


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