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This Month’s Features

Guest Editorial: Promoting Dental Therapy

The American Dental Therapy Association is working diligently to improve access to care and oral health equity.

15th Annual Six Dental Hygienists You Want to Know

In the 15th edition of this annual feature, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene recognizes the best and the brightest in academia, clinical practice, industry, influencer, public health, and research.

The Keys to Caries Management

Plans to prevent and/or manage this common oral disease may include a variety of professionally applied or at-home products.

Improve the Ergonomics of Your Instrumentation

Incorporating small operator adjustments may help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and prolong your career in dental hygiene.

Continuing Education

Preventing Sports-Related Oral Injuries

Oral health professionals play an important role in improving compliance with mouthguard use.

Tips to Effectively Educate Caregivers Regarding Non-Nutritive Sucking

This oral habit can cause long-lasting, negative effects on oral and systemic health.

Everything You Need to Know About the Hepatitis C Virus

Identifying patients at high risk for contracting the virus and making referrals for testing and treatment are key to reducing the impact of this serious infection.

How to Avoid Post-op Sensitivity in Adhesive Dentistry

Mitigating the risk of post-op sensitivity is a necessary step before initiating treatment.


Editor’s Note

Focus on Children’s Oral Health

It’s February … and for those of us in oral healthcare we know it’s time for National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM)!

Ask the Expert

Reducing Stress in Pediatric Practice

What steps can pediatric dental practices take to reduce the stress of short appointment times and quick patient turnaround for dental hygienists?

Products and Services

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Newsline + Industry Info

University of Texas Educator Receives Teaching Accolade

Harold A. Henson, RDH, PhD—professor, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and program coordinator for the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Program at University of Texas (UT) Health Houston School of Dentistry—was inducted into the Kenneth I. Shine Academy of Health Science Education.

Dental Hygienist Educator and Author Recognized for Her Service

Olga A.C. Ibsen, RDH, MS, FAADH, was recently honored with the William K. Collins Sr. Meritorious Service Award from the Commission on Dental Competency Assessment–Western Regional Examining Board–Council of Interstate Testing Agencies (CDCA-WREB-CITA).

Improving Access to Care With Innovation

Access to dental care remains a significant issue for any American.


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