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This Month’s Features

Six Dental Hygienists You Want to Know

In the 12th edition of this annual feature, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene recognizes the best and the brightest in academia, clinical practice, industry, “mover and shaker,” public health, and research.

Infection Prevention Post-Exposure Protocols

The following strategies will help oral health professionals prevent and manage infection control exposure events.

3D Imaging in Periodontics

Bryan J. Frantz, DMD, MS, discusses the use of cone-beam computed tomography in dental implant treatment, as well as periodontal diagnosis and care.

Continuing Education

The Importance of Maternal-Infant Oral Health

As the link between maternal and infant oral health becomes more clear, dental hygiene practice must also evolve to reflect this new knowledge.

Preventing HPV-Related Infections

Oral health professionals must be knowledgeable about the human papillomavirus and its vaccine to effectively educate their patients.

Ensuring Medication Safety in the Dental Setting

Dental teams can use these strategies to encourage medication adherence among patients and avoid possible adverse drug interactions.

Tips for Treating Patients With Sleep Apnea

Supporting patient compliance with treatment and addressing oral health implications are key to improving the health of patients with this common disorder.


Editor’s Note

A Time to Celebrate

Every year at this time, our thoughts naturally turn to what’s happened over the past 12 months.

Ask the Expert

Are There Any Oral Health Benefits of Using Charcoal Toothpaste?

I recently had a patient ask about the oral health benefits of using charcoal toothpaste. Are there any or is it just another fad?

Products and Services

December 2019 Marketplace for Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.

Helping to Create Smiles Across Generations

VOCO’s Profluorid Varnish is highly popular among dental hygienists 
due to its ease of use, smooth consistency, and subtle flavor.

Newsline + Industry Info

New Reference Values for Developing Dentition

Children’s teeth don’t develop along the traditionally accepted timeline, according to a study from the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Dimensions’ Corporate Council Welcomes a New but Familiar Member

Lynn Pencek, RDH, MS, was a longtime member of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene’s Corporate Council when she was working with Orascoptic as a senior district manager.

December 2019 Top Brand Ambassadors

Each month, Newsline features some of our most active Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Brand Ambassadors.

National Campaign Launched to Reduce Opioid Misuse

The Medicaid|MedicarelCHIP Services Dental Association, a nonprofit organization that advocates for quality oral health care for Medicaid, Medicare and Children’s Health Insurance Program beneficiaries, has launched a campaign aimed at reducing opioid use for post-surgical dental pain management.

Insurance Company and Dental Industry Team up to Reduce Pneumonia Risk in Surgery Patients

Nonventilator health care-associated pneumonia (NV-HAP)—when patients receive treatment in a health-care setting and develop pneumonia unrelated to their treatment and without the presence of a ventilator—is a significant issue that negatively impacts patient outcomes and swells hospital costs.


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