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Regulatory Update

Here are tips to ensure compliance with OSHA’s new Revised Hazard Communication Standard.

Good Start to Oral Health

As more pediatric patients seek treatment in general dental practices, clinicians need to be well versed in caries prevention.

Continuing Education

Addressing Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis in the Dental Office

Oral health professionals play key roles in the diagnosis and management of this common viral infection.

Understand the World of Social Media

Adhering to ethical principles is integral to maintaining professionalism while utilizing the many types of online platforms available today.

The Benefits of Xylitol

The positive health effects of this sugar alcohol extend beyond the oral cavity.

Subgingival Air Polishing

The use of glycine powder with this new technique may offer benefits to periodontal and implant maintenance therapy.


Editor’s Note

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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

I am starting a new position with a practice that includes a large proportion of Hmong people—some of whom do not speak English—in its patient population. Do you have any advice to help me communicate effectively with non English speakers?

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Newsline + Industry Info

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