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March 2018

Improve Patient Communication

From using professional interpretation services to addressing low health literacy, ensuring effective communication between patients and providers is Integral to positive outcomes.

Research Shows Flu Is Spread by Aerosols

Avoiding the flu may be more difficult than previously believed as researchers have found that it is transmitted via aerosols, not just droplets resulting from sneezing or coughing, as was once thought.

Renowned Oral Pathology Expert Passes Away

Joan Andersen Phelan, RDH, MS, DDS, co-author, with Olga A.C. Ibsen, RDH, MS, of the popular textbook Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist With General Pathology Introductions, now in its seventh edition, passed away after a prolonged…

Stain Removal With Polishing

Oral health professionals need to be knowledgeable about the causes behind staining, the correlation between oral pH and dental erosion, and appropriate polishing choices for different patient types.

Promoting Dental Hygiene

Most oral health professionals don't consider themselves public relations (PR) experts. After all, our role is to prevent and treat disease. Yet our efforts to improve oral health can be seen as a PR opportunity.

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