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March 2018 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.


The 2pro Total Access Disposable Prophy Angle from Premier, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, is a versatile 2-in-1 disposable prophy angle that helps clinicians easily access difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth quickly. Latex free, the 2pro runs smoothly and quietly thanks to its patented gearless design that ensures smooth-running, vibration-free operation with less heat build-up. One cup and one tip result in no extra cost or time to switch. Its ergonomic 100° angle design is said to offer comfort and convenience by accessing all areas of the patient’s mouth. 888-670-6100;


Cool Cassette 2 instrument trays by Practicon, Greenville, North Carolina, have been upgraded to incorporate several improvements based on user feedback. These silicone cassettes now feature larger vent holes for increased flow-through and wraparound perforations for complete drainage at any angle. The cassettes are longer to better accommodate ultrasonic scaler inserts. Additionally, the Cool Cassette 2 features built-in lock buttons to prevent accidental opening. Cool Cassette 2 is available in four colors (clean green, cool coral, pure purple, and true blue) and four sizes, including the new 10 XL with an extra compartment for syringes, handpieces, or other accessories. 800-959-9505;


Ortek Therapeutics, Roslyn Heights, New York, introduces ECD, a patented lightweight tabletop device that recently received United States Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance. The ECD is designed to diagnose and monitor dental caries in the biting surfaces of molars and premolars. This battery-powered device uses electrical conductance to accurately diagnose and monitor enamel lesions. Tooth enamel is electrically nonconductive unless breached by fracture or demineralization. When teeth begin to lose mineral, dentinal fluid from within the tooth flows through the breached enamel site and enables the ECD to complete its electrical circuit. These data are numerically displayed on the ECD base unit. The ECD is scheduled to be commercially available this year. 800-863-9943;

From Dimensions of Dental HygieneMarch 2018;16(3):53.

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