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This Month’s Features

An Update on the Classification of Periodontal Diseases

Identifying and treating patients with periodontal disease is an important component of dental and dental hygiene practice.

Adjunctive Use of Antibiotics and Antimicrobials in Periodontal Therapy

In conjunction with scaling and root planing, antibiotics and antimicrobials can be effective additions to the periodontal therapy armamentarium.

Continuing Education

Note the Signs of Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Children

Oral health professionals can support a child’s optimal growth and development by screening for sleep-related breathing disorders.

Preventing Peri-Implantitis

How to develop an evidence-based plan for implant success.

What Oral Health Professionals Need to Know About Syphilis

Detecting syphilis early is integral to its successful treatment.

The Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills

Patient care and team building are supported by highly effective interpersonal communication skills.


Editor’s Note

A Duty to Protect the Public

Part of the mission statement of the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners states: “…to protect the oral health, safety and welfare of Arizona citizens through a fair and impartial system.”

Ask the Expert

What Is the Efficacy of Chlorhexidine Varnish for Root Caries?

What is the current research on the efficacy of chlorhexidine varnish for root caries compared with fluoride varnish?

Products and Services

OraCoat® XyliMelts® and OraCoat® XyliGel® by OraHealth Inc

Effective solutions for dry mouth.

MI Paste® ONE by GC America Inc

New two-in-one product protects and cleans.

Ultrapro Tx Prophylaxis Equipment Family by Ultradent

The next generation of prophylaxis equipment.

Nupro® Portfolio by Dentsply Sirona

Innovative solutions for polishing and treatment.

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