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This Month’s Features

Shine a Light

Coaxial illumination can help dental professionals improve their field of vision while also providing ergonomic benefits.

The Battle Against Biofilms

Keeping dental unit waterlines free from bacterial contamination is essential to ensuring patient and provider safety.

The Dynamics of Pressure

Implementing the correct force for the task at hand will help clinicians improve outcomes and reduce injury.

Continuing Education

Addressing the Silent Epidemic

Advancements in early caries detection and risk assessment can make a difference in the fight against tooth decay.

Manage the Immune Response

Diabetes and HIV infection generate different immune responses that can significantly impact oral health and periodontal treatment.

Treatment Planning for Patients with Scleroderma

Follow these strategies to help patients with scleroderma experience successful dental visits and improve their oral self-care regimens.

Caring for Patients with Oral Cancer

With the rising incidence of human papillomavirus-related oral cancer, dental hygienists must be prepared to help these patients maintain their oral health before, during, and after radiotherapy treatment.


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