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This Month’s Features

Maintain Professionalism in a Digital Age

Follow these strategies to create a professional reputation across all facets of social media.

General Anesthesia in the Treatment of Early Childhood Caries

While the rise in tooth decay among preschoolers has increased the use of general anesthesia during restorative care, the financial and societal costs are great.

The Downside of Sports and Energy Drinks

As consumption of these beverages increases, so do the negative effects on the tooth surface, including a higher risk of erosion and dental caries.

Etiology of Noncarious Cervical Lesions

As the prevalence of these lesions increases, understanding the roles of abrasion, erosion, and abfraction is key to effectively preventing further destruction of the tooth surface.

Adapt to Deep Pockets

Follow these strategies to therapeutically debride root surfaces within periodontal pockets.

Continuing Education

A New Model of Periodontal Susceptibility

As our knowledge of the matricellular events that shift the path from periodontal health to disease grows, treatments that can be implemented before symptoms ever appear may become possible.

Material Revolution

Pit and fissure sealants are highly effective in caries prevention and with advances in materials, the technique is even more integral to the fight against tooth decay.

The ABCs of Infant Oral Health

Follow these strategies to effectively assess the dental health of infants and build the foundation necessary for a lifetime of oral wellness.

Avoid Implant Complications

Dental hygienists play an important role in recognizing, treating, and preventing peri-implant disease.


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