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This Month’s Features

Furthering the Use of Topical Fluoride

From kids to grown-ups, topical fluoride is an effective weapon in the fight against tooth decay.

Improving Smiles With Sealants

The benefits of sealants are well-documented, yet they are still underutilized.

Radiography and the Mixed Dentition

The mixed dentition can cause a variety of dental concerns, and radiography— from the traditional to three-dimensional imaging—is integral to effective treatment planning.

Remineralization vs Restoration

George K. Stookey, MSD, PhD, discusses the move toward minimally invasive dentistry.

Ultrasonic Instrumentation Revealed

Dimensions Editor in Chief Anna M. Pattison, RDH, MS, talks with Richard H. Paschke, BS, MS, about the inner workings of ultrasonic technology.

Revisiting Instrumentation in Anterior Segments

Selecting and implementing the appropriate instruments for the anterior region of the mouth are key to keeping this area healthy.

Assessing the Risk

Sol Silverman, Jr, MA, DDS, talks about the wide range of risk factors involved in oral and pharyngeal cancers.

Continuing Education

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Editor’s Note

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Ask the Expert

Fungal Infection, HIV and Ultrasonics

This month's questions as featured in Dimensions of Dental Hygiene.

Products and Services

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Newsline + Industry Info

Grants Available to Support Dental Hygiene Student Research

The National Center for Dental Hygiene Research & Practice invites dental hygiene graduate students to apply for funding to support their research thesis or capstone projects.


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