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This Month’s Features

Sensitivity Assistance

Help your patients find relief from dentinal hypersensitivity with these current treatment options.

Stretching for Musculoskeletal Health

Dental hygienists can improve their occupational health by incorporating a stretching routine into their daily practice.

The Orthodontia-Oral Health Connection

The treatment of malocclusion may help reduce the risk of premature tooth wear and periodontal diseases.

Biofilm Removal Is The Key

Thomas F. Flemmig, Dr med dent, Dr med dent habil, MBA, shares his expertise on whether ultrasonic instrumentation offers additional benefits beyond biofilm removal.

Continuing Education

Detecting Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Dental hygienists can improve health outcomes by recognizing the first symptoms of this genetic disorder.

Treating Children with Spina Bifida

Follow these strategies to provide effective oral health care to pediatric patients with this complex birth defect.

Cultural Competency

How to incorporate different cultural beliefs and practices into the dental hygiene process of care.


Editor’s Note

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Ask the Expert

Ensuring Safe Mask Selection

I am currently temping in different offices where I find a variety of mask choices. While, the N95 is top of the line, I am most often provided with a level 3 surgical mask. What is your opinion about wearing a level 3 mask under the face shield?

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Newsline + Industry Info

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