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This Month’s Features

The Digital Student

Is online education for you?

Anatomy of a Stroke

Building the foundation for effective therapy and good ergonomics.

The Missing Link

Teaching patients how to perform an intra-oral self-examination to detect oral cancer is key to reducing the morbidity rates of this disease.

Zeroing in on Xerostomia

The diagnosis and treatment of dry mouth.

The Making of a Mouthrinse

Sebastian G. Ciancio, DDS, talks to Dimensions about the efficacy of mouthrinses and how they are regulated.

Continuing Education

The Quelling of Inflammation

How the use of NSAIDs may affect the treatment of periodontitis.


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Products and Services

The Kids’ Toothbrushes That Grow Along With Them: Colgate Smiles

Colgate Smiles® toothbrushes are specially designed for kids with developing teeth.

Newsline + Industry Info

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