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This Month’s Features

Prevent Pain with the Right Operator Stool

Selecting a seating option that supports a neutral spine and promotes comfort will help dental hygienists reduce the ergonomic risks faced in clinical practice.

Components of Optimal Ultrasonic Therapy

The use of proper technique during ultrasonic therapy may help prevent over instrumentation and encourage positive outcomes.

Safety Education

In light of well-publicized breaches in infection control protocols, oral health professionals should be prepared to reassure patients that dental care is safe.

The Battle Against Biofilms Continues

In this informative Q&A, Rebecca Wilder, RDH, MS, discusses the role of antimicrobials in the reduction of dental biofilms.

Emergency Response

Oral health professionals and office staff members should be prepared to handle an urgent medical situation in the dental office.

Continuing Education

Sleep Apnea Screening in the Dental Office

Oral health professionals play a key role in ensuring that patients with this common disorder receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

The New Frontier

The incorporation of telehealth technologies into forensic odontology significantly improves the victim identification process.

The Foundation of Integrity

Understanding the three philosophical frameworks that support moral thinking will help dental hygienists enhance their ethical decision-making skills.

Expand the Reach of Early Childhood Caries Prevention

Educating parents/caregivers and implementing an interprofessional approach can bolster efforts to improve the oral health of young children.


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