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This Month’s Features

Understanding Aspirin

With many patients on a low-dose aspirin regimen, dental hygienists need to know how and why aspirin is used.

The Ranula

Recognizing and treating this rare oral lesion.

Ultrasonics Unveiled

Anna M. Pattison, RDH, MS, provides a broad-based look at ultrasonic instrumentation as well as a brief discussion of new products in the ultrasonic armamentarium.

Addressing the Pain of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Dental hygienists need to understand the dynamics of hypersensitivity in order to best advise their patients.

The Pilates Approach to Back Pain

Simple exercises can help dental professionals prevent and treat back pain.

Continuing Education

Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The incorporation of simple screening procedures in the dental office can help expedite an early diagnosis and successful treatment of OSA.

Preventing Child Abuse

The role of the dental hygienist in recognizing and reporting.

Evaluating Scientific Methodologies

This course was developed in part with an unrestricted educational grant from Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals.


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