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Product Profile: Crystal HD Mouth Mirrors and Mirror Magic® Anti-Fog Solution by Zirc Dental Products Co 

Dynamic Duo Delivers Effective Combo

Clinicians don’t need to let ineffective mouth mirrors slow them down, thanks to Zirc Dental Products Co’s mouth mirror enhancing system. Crystal HD Mouth Mirrors combine superior visual acuity and a bright lens to provide shadow-free images with true-color reflection. This brilliance paired with mirror magic—the company’s quick debris removal and anti-fog solution—provide effective results.


  • Brighter than rhodium mirrors, which helps reduce eye strain and fatigue
  • Scratch resistant
  • Lens is flush with mirror frame, eliminating the possibility of corrosion buildup
  • Contains antimicrobial protection


  • Prevents fogging on any mouth mirror
  • Helps remove debris during procedures
  • Eliminates fuzz left on mirror lens fromcotton pads

Oral health professionals will appreciate the increased chairside efficiency when utilizing this product duo, in addition to improved ergonomics and vision.

Zirc Dental Products Co

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. May 2016;14(05):69.

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