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Product Profile: NeoDrys® by Microcopy

Ultimate parotid saliva control.

NeoDrys is a saliva-absorbent pad that helps improve working fields for clinicians during the delivery of care. Its advanced inner core traps moisture quickly to provide a superior dry field while its moisture-proof backing bounces light into the working area, further enhancing the field of view.


NeoDrys provides the following benefits:

  • Delivers 15 minutes of parotid control
  • Protects procedures from saliva contamination thanks to a super absorbent core
  • Backing illuminates the oral cavity
  • Features a flexible, tapered design thatis patented with “ouchless” Comfort Edge® technology

This unique saliva-absorbing pad is available in color-coded small (yellow) and large (blue) sizes. NeoDrys is sold in a 50 pack, in both original and reflective backings.

(800) 235-1863

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2015;13(3):65.

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