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March 2020 Social Commentary

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Debbi VigerDebbi Viger, RDH, BHS  Dimensions Brand Ambassador

There are so many great vegan options now. I use low-calorie almond milk for cereal. Oat milk for coffee—it makes the best foamed milk for fancy coffee drinks. All of the nut milks work well with baking. It’s all about flavor! As a beverage, I also recommend only water between meals and nondairy milk type products or the occasional juice with a meal. I also recommend a straw for any nonwater beverage or travel cup to decrease stain and exposure to sugars.



Desiret Canales, RDHDesiret Canales, RDH Dimensions Brand Ambassador

Almond milk. Tastes pretty good and is healthy.





Melissa Calhoun, BAS-DH, RDH  

Melissa Calhoun, BAS-DH, RDH Dimensions Brand Ambassador

Unsweetened almond milk.





Joy D. Void-Holmes, RDH,BSDH, DHSc, AADH Joy D. Void-Holmes, RDH, BSDH, DHSc, AADH  Dimensions Brand Ambassador






Amanda Cole Hill, RDHAmanda Cole Hill, RDH  Dimensions Brand Ambassador

Unsweetened vanilla flax milk is really tasty. A version with extra protein is also available if that is a concern in the patient’s diet.





Simòn Bud, RDHSimòn Bud, RDH Dimensions Brand Ambassador

Unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Super tasty!






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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2020;18(3):13.

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