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Medical Claim Submission – Dental ED Visits – ICD-10 codes used

Ask the Expert ForumCategory: Insurance CodingMedical Claim Submission – Dental ED Visits – ICD-10 codes used
Marianne asked 7 months ago
Scenario: Patient has extreme tooth pain, it is a weekend with no access to a dental provider, or patient is in rural area and it is easier to get to the local Hospital ED. Doctor does a work up and cannot identify source of pain (non-dentist) so prescribes a pain reliever medication and advises to make an appointment with dentist. This needs to be submitted as an ER visit.  Is there an appropriate or commonly used ICD-10 code fo be used on the medical claim submission, to specify Dental care?  
1 Answers
sofia answered 4 months ago
Yes, there is an appropriate ICD-10 code that can be used to specify dental care on the medical claim submission. The commonly used code is "K08.8 - Other specified disorders of teeth and supporting structures." For more information on dental insurance and understanding the facts and fiction associated with it, you can visit this link.

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