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Van B. Haywood, DMD, is a professor in the Department of Restorative Sciences, Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. In 1989, he co-authored the first publication in the world on nightguard vital bleaching (at-home tray bleaching) with Harald Heymann, DDS, MEd, and, in 1997, he coauthored the first article on extended treatment (6 months) of tetracycline-stained teeth using this tray technique. Haywood has completed further research and more than 145 publications on the tray bleaching technique and the topic of bleaching and esthetics, including first papers on treating bleaching sensitivity with potassium nitrate, direct thermoplastic tray fabrication, bleaching primary teeth, and caries control with bleaching materials. Many of his articles are available at:

Erin S. Boyleston, RDH, MS, is an assistant professor and director of the Dental Hygiene Program at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. She serves as clinic coordinator for both first-year and second-year dental hygiene students and is the course director for preclinic, patient care, and pharmacology.

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