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This Month’s Features

Tools for Success

Selecting the right instruments for implant debridement is key to maintaining implants and the restorations they support.

Protecting Your Health

The personnel health principles in an infection control program are integral to keeping dental health care workers healthy.

Improving Your Patients’ Interdental Cleaning Regimen

Strategies for increasing patient compliance.

Treating Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

What you need to know in order to provide the best possible care for patients suffering from this progressive brain disorder.

Adjunctive Techniques in Oral Cancer Detection

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene speaks with Sol Silverman, Jr, MA, DDS, about technologies that may aid in oral cancer diagnosis.

Taking the Pain Out of Whitening

Van B. Haywood, DMD, shares his expertise on treating bleaching-related hypersensitivity.


Every dental hygienist knows that the “as low as reasonably achievable” (ALARA) principle is an important concept in radiation safety.

Continuing Education

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Editor’s Note

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Ask the Expert

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Products and Services

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Newsline + Industry Info

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