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Controlling the Pain

Topical anesthesia is an important part of pain management and new uses offer more options for dental hygienists.

Using Files in Periodontal Therapy

File application in very tenacious calculus removal and overhanging amalgam restorations can be beneficial for both clinician and patient.


Mouthrinses can be an effective adjunct to mechanical cleaning in the fight against plaque. 

Partners in Care

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene speaks with Michael Rethman, DDS, MS, and Jill Rethman, RDH, BA, about the importance of collaboration between periodontists, dental hygienists, and general dentists in providing the best possible patient care.

Continuing Education

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Editor’s Note

From the Editor: No More Tears

On October 8, Dr. Esther Wilkins sent me an email announcing great news— the governor of Massachusetts signed a bill into law adding local anesthesia administration to the dental hygienist's scope of practice.

Ask the Expert

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People Watching

New Program Director at Ohio State, Two Hygienists Receive Crest/ADHA Award, and 100% of Temple College Grads Pass National Boards


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