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This Month’s Features

The Age of Surveillance

J. Max Goodson, DDS, PhD, speaks to Dimensions about DNA testing and the future of the dental office as the center of health surveillance.

Personal Assessment

Determining your individual musculoskeletal risk and identifying potential problems can help prevent common work-related injuries.

The Source of the Pain

Terri Tilliss, RDH, PhD, discusses how dentinal hypersensitivity impedes whitening treatment and what dental hygienists can do about it.

Trade vs. Generic

What you need to know about how drugs are named in order to maintain accurate drug histories for your patients.

Instrumenting the Dental Implant

The safe use of ultrasonic scaling in implant maintenance.

Continuing Education

A Primer on Common Oral Conditions

The causes, development, and treatment for the most frequently encountered pathologies of the oral cavity.

Treating the EDS Patient

Patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome have specific oral implications that must be understood in order to safely treat them in the dental office.

A Tunneling Treatment Approach to Gingival Recession

A twofold tunneling technique can yield predictable outcomes when treating multiple recession defects.


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