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Product Profile: Safe Flo™ Saliva Ejector by RJC Products

Reduce the risk of backflow.

Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors protect patients from potential dental vacuum line cross-contamination. As most patients close their mouths around the saliva ejector during dental hygiene procedures, the risk of acquiring pathogens that may cause disease is real. Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors are a low-cost, disposable solution that enable clinicians to evacuate their patients’ mouths without the worry of cross-contamination—effectively limiting the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens.


Two situations can cause backflow in suction lines: the tip gets stuck against the patient’s cheek or tongue or the patient closes his or her mouth. Safe-Flo valves prevent the possibility of backflow by snapping shut when the tip becomes blocked or when the suction turns off while the tip is still in or above the patient’s mouth. The Safe-Flo SE Valve is a one-way check valve that works with a standard saliva ejector, while the Safe-Flo HV valve enables users to insert their preferred high-volume evacuation tip into the valve. Request a complimentary sample at
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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. May 2015;13(5):71.


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